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Wood Fired Hot Tubs

Would you like to own an affordable wood fired hot tub without the larger electric bills? This is it! Shipped to your door, these cedar tubs are assembled in an afternoon and heat up to 30° an hour with a submersible wood stove!

How it works: The Snorkel Scuba Stove

1. Special "Snorkel" air intake.

2. Sliding, cast aluminum, tilt-up door that services the fire box as well as regulates the air intake.

3. Sunken stack to increase efficiency.

4. Heat exchanging tubes.

5. Mounting brackets for securing screen and stove.

Snorkel Scuba Stove diagram

Snorkel Scuba Stove photo

Example pricing:
6'x3' - $2400.00
Cedar tub with larger Snorkel stove. Includes 6' galvanized stovepipe, chimney cap, custom ash scooper, wooden stove fence, thermometer, and hot mitt.

5'x3' - $1925.00
7'x4' - $3300.00

Order a stove and tub combo together - and we split the freight! Contact us for more information.

Snorkel Hot Tub